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I find many uses for the random strings generated here. They might become components of deliberately-obscure filenames or “throwaway” email addresses. (In those particular cases, I recommend you avoid upper-case letters: their significance is often system-dependent.)

You can select a minimum length (1-300) and a maximum added length (0-300), and use the other options to select from nine possible character sets and a dozen possible distributions. When ready, click the Generate button to obtain a random string with the selected characteristics.

Characters in the string
Letter case
Letter sets

If you aren’t using numbers and both upper- and lower-case letters, the Number proportions box won’t affect the distribution. Check it if you want each numerical digit to have the combined probability of both the upper- and lower-case versions of a single letter. Uncheck the box if you want each digit to have the same probability as an upper- or lower-case letter.

For example: With the box checked, the probability of a character being a 9 is equal to the total probability of it being either a or A. With the box unchecked, the characters a, A, and 9 are each equally likely.


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