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Part 1: Family

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Adelia Seaman Jeffs DeBaun (Gramma Jeffs )

All Bran Muffins
Bread and Butter Pickles
Clam Chowder

Carl Fritz Klotz (my generation's Grampy)

Corn, Grampy's Grilled

Carl Hugo Klotz (Dad, Grampy)

Barbecue Sauce,
Cough Remedy
Kahlua under the Sink
Office Party Punch
Rice Wine
Volcano Punch

Edith Dean Klotz (Grammy Klotz, Great-Grammy)

Letter to Grace, including

Oatmeal Bread
Chili Con Carne

Grace Averil Klotz, née Hyler (Mom, Grammy)

Letter to Sue, including
Hamburger Roll-ups

Gramma Jeffs, see Adelia

Gramma Moore, see Martha Moore

Grammy Klotz, see Edith

Grampy, see Carl Fritz (father) or Carl Hugo (son)

Margaret Gernert (Aunt Margaret)

Chicken Pizzarellas
Golden Pineapple Cookies
Noodle Bake

Martha Moore (Gramma Moore, Grace's mother)

Apple Sauce Cupcakes
Chocolate Cake with brown sugar icing
Cole Slaw
Dutch-style Beets
Goal Line Scrambled Eggs
Spicy Banana Cake
Upside Down Cake
White Sauce

Marti Young nee Klotz

Marti's Letter to Aunt Sue

Sue, see Vanita

Vanita Klotz Hicks (Aunt Sue)

Marti's Letter to Aunt Sue