Jill's Family Recipes


These recipes come from three main sources: my mother's (Grace Klotz) recipe box, a folder sent to me from Aunt Sue (Vanita Hicks), and Aunt Averil (Jeffs) recipe box (assuming I can find the files from a few years ago). I'll put up sections as I get to them, starting with Mom's box.

Mom's recipes are in no particular order. I am sorting them by the people who gave them to her. The recipes listed under her name are those for which she listed no source.

I haven't tested most of these, so there are no guarantees.

Any family member or friend who wants to add comments, recipes, memories or pictures, let me know.

April 2020

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Edith Klotz
Carl Klotz
Martha Moore (Gramma Moore)
Adelia Jeffs Debaun (Gramma Jeffs)
Aunt Margaret Gernert
Grace Klotz (more coming)
Grace Klotz
Extension Service and Conservation Service
Neighbors and other friends
Vanita Hicks (Aunt Sue)
Aunt Averil Jeffs