Ozark Pudding

Edythe Risberg is one of Aunt Sue's friends. Charlie is her husband and Charlotte is her older daughter, who is a little older than I am. I remember Edythe from when we lived with Grammy and Grampy Klotz in North Plainfield, but if Carol was around, we must have been living in Chester when Edythe sent the recipe.

This appears to be part of a chain letter for recipes. Edythe wrote: "Dear Grace, Here is your recipe. Hope that no one duplicates it." At the end, she added: "I found it cuts more readily if you break up crust that forms on top by hitting with your fingers. Charlie likes this very much so does Charlotte. We saw the picture in the paper of the family gardening. Missed you and Carol. I hope our girls can get together when you are down this way."

Beat eggs til thick. Gradually add sugar and dry ingredients (sifted together). Add vanilla, nuts and apples. Mix well.

Bake in shallow pan, 375 F about 40 minutes.

Source: Grace's recipe file