Curried Rice

From Betty Brooks. The Brooks (Betty, Bill, Susan, Jane, Ellen, Wendy) had their back yard across the street from our front yard.

This is a sort of sweet curry. See below for Hal's fresh veggie version, below

Betty's Curried Rice Mix

Combine all ingredients; stir well. Store in airtight containers. Yields 7 cups.

Cooking Directions

Bring to boil in medium saucepan


Cover, reduce heat and simmer 20 minutes

Yields about 2 cups

Hal's Curried Rice

Our rice pot is a medium, non-stick sauce pan that is taller and less wide than most. This amount serves 2.

Bung together and boil, covered, for 20 minutes. Do not open the lid while cooking.

You can add green peas for the last minute or so.

Source: Grace's recipe file (Betty) and Hal (off the top of his head).