Spinach Casserole

From Ed, a soil specialist in the Conservation office. Ed raised his two younger sisters after their parents died when he was in college. The card was written out by his sister, Roberta Grasso. She says: "Some of the measurements are off. Use your discretion. I never measure anything, so it may be a little confusing."

In a large mixing bowl thaw:

In another mixing bowl combine:

Stir mixture until smooth—no lumps (mixture should be somewhat pasty, not real watery)

To this mixture add and mix well:

Now blend this mixture into the spinach and stir well. Put the whole mess into a large casserole dish and bake covered at about 375–400º for a 35–45 minutes or until all cheese is melted. Let sit on counter for a few minutes to set, and serve. Good luck!

Source: Grace's recipe file