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This is the main Web page of Jill and Hal Keen.

This page serves as a “site map” (except that some of our material is on different sites). If you know whose pages you want, you can go directly to Jill’s index or Hal’s index.

Jill Averil Keen
Jill’s pages
email Jill Averil Keen
Jill’s page Jill’s main page on this site.
Jill’s Family Recipes Jill’s collection of recipes from family sources.
Medieval Studies The Center for Medieval Studies at the University of Minnesota.
Dept. of Human Rights The Department of Human Rights of the State of Minnesota.
Documenting Salvation Jill’s book, at the publisher’s site.
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Hal Keen
Hal’s pages
email Hal Keen
Hal’s main page Hal’s main page on this site.
Hal’s Quotes & Notes Hal’s online reading journal: many quotes and some notes, with attempts at graphical embellishment by a certified non-artist (Hal).
Web activities: Pages produced elsewhere on the Web, and some special topics of interest to Web programmers.
  Web accessibility About the problem of making Web pages accessible to all browsers and all users.
  Anti-spam About approaches to fighting spam.
  Hiding addresses Some techniques for defending email addresses from spammers, if you have to put them on the Web, while still trying to keep them accessible to everyone else.
Tools & Toys: All these pages are JavaScript-dependent. The main page has more extensive descriptions.
  Email link obfuscator A tool to make it harder for spammers to harvest your email address.
  random string generator Another occasional convenience in my war of resistance against spammers.
  Sudoku grid A programmed solving space for Sudoku puzzles.
  Cryptogram helper A programmed solving space for cryptograms.
  a card trick This is basically a graphics experiment.
  Gregorian calendar Just a calendar, for any year you want over a large range.
Résumé Hal’s résumé.
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