Ian Hay
John Hay Beith (1876 – 1952)

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World War I

by C. S. Lewis
in 1066 and All That

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World War I: The First Hundred Thousand

All In It: "K(1)" Carries On
(also published as Carrying On — After the First Hundred Thousand)

Plays: Tilly of Bloomsbury

Admirals All
(with Stephen King-Hall)

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John Hay Beith was a well-known author and playwright. At the outbreak of World War I, he joined the military, shortly before exceeding the age limit, and served in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, attaining the rank of Major. A set of fictionalized "journals," published serially under the pseudonym in Blackwood's Magazine, followed his progress through training and into action.

There was also a sequel (not, I think, based on personal experience) about the rest of the war, entitled The Last Million.

Although Hay's regiment wore the kilt, no particular pattern (sett) is mentioned. The background graphic is my attempt to represent the tartan most likely to have been envisioned as the uniform of the fictional "Bruce and Wallace Highlanders," actually worn (I believe) by Hay's regiment, and variously known as Campbell ancient, Military, 42nd Royal Highland Regiment, Government, Universal, and (most famously) the Black Watch.

If I got it right, I have no claim on the pattern itself, only this rendition, copyright © 2004 by Hal Keen.