Bread and Butter Pickles

From Adelia Seaman Jeffs Debaun. She is Martha Moore's mother, Grace's grandmother, my great-grandmother. Grace remembers her as "a wonderful lady." She remarried after Grampa Jeffs died.

According to Grace, all the Seamans on Long island trace back to Capt John Seaman who got a royal landgrant 1640 (or sometime in 1600s) in what is now Jones Beach. He lost it in some kind of real estate deal.

Combine cucumber, onions, and salt and let stand 3 hours. Drain. Combine seasoning and vinegar, and boil. Add cucumber and onions. Heat to simmering and pack hot. Be careful to avoid boiling as that makes pickles soft. Pack while hot in clean jars and seal immediately

Source: Grace's recipe file