Blancmange means "white food." It's basically a corn starch pudding. People used to think it was good to feed sick people because it is easy to digest and has some sweetness.

This recipe is from Grace's home ec class in school. It is one serving.

The nutmeg was listed twice, with different amounts. I would use more than a few grains!

Scald milk in a double boiler.

In a bowl, mix well the cornstarch, sugar.

Add the hot milk to this mixture, stirring as you pour.

Pour mixture into the double boiler, stir and cook the mixture cover the hot water until the mixture thickens (about 10 min).

Remove from stove and add the salt, vanilla, or nutmeg. Cool and serve.

[Chocolate Pudding]

For chocolate pudding, omit the nutmeg and add 1 teaspoon cocoa.

Source: Grace's recipe file