Stuffed Cabbage

From Liz Elgarten, a good friend and neighbor in Randolph.

For the stuffing, mix together:

For the sauce:

To make it sweet and sour sauce, add:

There are no directions for assembly. Here is my suggestion, simplifying directions in the Horizon Cookbook (which says to boil for an hour and then transfer to a casserole and bake for another half hour).

Steam or blanch cabbage leaves just long enough to make them flexible. Cut out big, stiff center ribs.

Place about 1 tablespoon filling in a cabbage leaf, roll it up, and tuck in the ends. Place the packets in a casserole dish.

Pour the sauce over the rolls until they are almost completely covered. Bake at 375 for an hour or longer, until the stuffing is thoroughly cooked and the sauce is thick.

Liz says: "Optional but good (yummy)":

  1. Add sliced raw carrots to sauce
  2. Serve with sour cream on top.

Source: Grace's recipe file