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The Game-Players of Titan

The Penultimate Truth


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I don't find Dick particularly quotable. Most of his books have a very tight focus on the action; there's not much "stepping aside" for the sake of more general observations.

His books always seem to be about a world that is going to hell in a handbasket. He doesn't offer solutions, but he gives a detailed, and often compelling, description of the basket.

The Game-Players of Titan

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"When you're eighteen, you believe you know everything, you possess absolute certitude. And then when you're one hundred and fifty you know you don't."

"You don't even know you don't," Patricia said. "You just have a queasy intimation that you don't."



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The Penultimate Truth

Copyright © 1964, by Philip K. Dick

13 Genesis is right; there is a stigma on us, a mark. Because only a cursed, marked, flawed species would use its discoveries as we are using them.




"Not much of a way," Blair said, seeing his expression, "of inheriting the Earth. Maybe we haven't been meek enough."

"Maybe too meek," Nicholas said.


Another death, Adams realized. And also "necessary." Like each of the others; like mine will be, eventually. And yet—this rule, this necessity, has always existed, and for everything that has ever lived. What we've got here is only a special case, only a hastening of the natural, organic process.

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