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As this is a large category, I merely list authors, not each work.

The separation between science fiction and fantasy is quirky; if you don’t find an author in one, you might try the other.

Finding a particular short story can be difficult, and listing all the places one has been reprinted is a chore. William G. Contento's marvellous index is now residing at:

The Locus Index to Science Fiction

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Douglas Adams

Chester Anderson

Poul Anderson

Isaac Asimov


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Thomas Berger

Alfred Bester

James Blish

Anthony Boucher

Ray Bradbury

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Leigh Brackett

Miles J. Breuer, M.D.

John Brunner


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John W. Campbell

Orson Scott Card

Arthur C. Clarke

Ralph S. Cooper

Cecil Corwin

Alfred Coppel

Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac


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Avram Davidson

Philip K. Dick

David Duncan

E Harlan Ellison
F Philip José Farmer

E. M. Forster

G Tom Godwin

Rob Grant

H Robert A. Heinlein

A. Rowley Hilliard


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Daniel Keyes

Rudyard Kipling

Arthur Koestler

C. M. Kornbluth


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Keith Laumer

Ursula Le Guin

Fritz Leiber

Murray Leinster

C. S. Lewis

Willy Ley


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John D. MacDonald

J. T. McIntosh

Shepherd Mead

Walter M. Miller, Jr.


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Doug Naylor

Grant Naylor

Larry Niven

O the Onion

George Orwell


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Lewis Padgett

Martin Pearson

Frederik Pohl

R Rudy Rucker

Eric Frank Russell


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Margaret St. Clair

Robert Sheckley

Mary Shelley

Clifford D. Simak

Cordwainer Smith

Norman Spinrad

Neal Stephenson

Theodore Sturgeon

V A. E. van Vogt

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

W H. G. Wells
Z Roger Zelazny
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