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This index tracks items drawn from newspaper articles. Aside from political cartoons, it excludes the comics, indexed separately.
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A William Ayers

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David Banks

Erin Barrett

August Berkshire (quoted)

F. Herbert Bormann (with Bruce E. Mahall)

John Brandl

Greg Breining

David Brooks

Kevyn Burger


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Susan Campbell

Stephen L. Carter

Marie Alena Castle

Steve Chapman

Mona Charen

Craig Childs

Ben Cohen

Nick Coleman

Gareth Cook

Corporate Curmudgeon (Dale Dauten)


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Meghan Daum

Dale Dauten (Corporate Curmudgeon)

Jack Davies

Wade Davis (quoted)

Paul Douglas

Rod Dreher

Gwynne Dyer


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Effective Writing (Stephen Wilbers)

John Patrick Egelhof

Lee Egerstrom (quoted)

Khalid Elmasry


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David A. Fahrenthold

Andrew Fiala

Rev. Aengus Finucane (obituary)

Cory Franklin

Thomas L. Friedman


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Michael Gerson

William Gibson

Gary Gilson

Hermann Goering (attributed quote)

Barry Goldman

Jack Gordon

Kent Greenfield

Ron Grossman

H Ingela-Eilert Haaland (quoted)

Carolyn Hax (Tell Me About It)

Joseph P. Hoar (with Charles C. Krulak)

I Molly Ivins

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Lawrence R. Jacobs

Samuel Johnson (quoted)

Syl Jones

Neil Justin


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George S. Kaufman (quoted)

Garrison Keillor (The Old Scout)

Paul Krugman

Charles C. Krulak (with Joseph P. Hoar)


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Brian Lambert

Anne Lamott

Kristofer Layon

James Lileks

Michael Lindsay (contributor)

Los Angeles Times


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Harvey Mackay (Outswimming the Sharks)

Bruce E. Mahall (with F. Herbert Bormann)

Michael E. Mann

Judith Martin (Miss Manners)

Thomas Matthews (obituary)

Jaime Meyer

Mike Meyers

Pamela Miller

Jack Mingo

Minneapolis Tribune

Miss Manners (Judith Martin)

Peter Moore

Bill Moyers

Mike Musgrove

N News of the Weird (Chuck Shepherd)

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The Old Scout (Garrison Keillor)

W. Scott Olsen

the Onion

Outswimming the Sharks (Harvey Mackay)


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Mitch Pearlstein

David M. Perlman

Alexandra Petri

Q David Quammen

Charlie Quimby


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William Safire

The Saint Paul Press

Robert M. Sapolsky

Robert Saxton

Bob Shanks (material from interview)

Chuck Shepherd (News of the Weird)

Al Sicherman

Lee Schafer

Jim Souhan

Star Tribune editorials

Star Tribune news items

Joel Stein

Charlotte Sullivan

Cass R. Sunstein


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Tell Me About It (Carolyn Hax)

Jon Tevlin

Ahmed Tharwat

Tidbits (Al Sicherman as “Mr. Tidbit”)

Kristin Tillotson

Tom Toles (political cartoon)


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David R. Weiss

Brian Wernicke

Stephen Wilbers (Effective Writing)

George Will

Y Stephen B. Young
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